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Salary and Career Info for a Chauffeur

Limousine chauffeurs care for and prepare stretch limousines to pick up and transport passengers. By possessing an excellent sense of direction and learning various driving routes, a limousine chauffeur provides a comfortable, safe and fast driving experience. Discover more information on limousine chauffeur job opportunities below.

Nature of the Work

Chauffeurs take passengers to and from their homes, workplaces, and recreational pursuits, such as dining, entertainment, and shopping, and to and from business-related events. These professional chauffeurs help both residents and out-of-town guests get around a city or urban area. In addition to regular point-to-point services, some chauffeurs offer sight-seeing services around their cities. Chauffeurs must be alert to conditions on the road, especially in heavy and congested traffic or in bad weather. They must take precautions to prevent accidents and avoid sudden stops, turns, and other driving maneuvers that would jar passengers. Good chauffeurs are familiar with streets in the areas they serve so they can choose the most efficient route to destinations and avoid traffic. They know the locations of frequently requested destinations, such as airports, bus and railroad terminals, convention centers, hotels, and other points of interest. In case of emergency, chauffeurs should know the location of fire and police stations, as well as hospitals. Chauffeurs may work shifts at all times of the day and night, because most taxi companies offer services 24 hours a day. Early morning and late night shifts are not uncommon. Chauffeurs work long hours during holidays, weekends, and other special times when demand for their services is heavier.

Job Duties

Limousine chauffeurs start the day out by preparing their limousine for use. A thorough inspection is given to check the cleanliness of the interior and exterior. It is also the responsibility of the chauffeur to ensure that the proper supplies (cleaning supplies, bottled water and ice, trash bags, etc.) are stocked in the trunk of the limousine. The interior of the limousine should be properly set and ready for clients to use. This includes crystal ware, napkins, CD/DVD player, etc. It is the responsibility of the chauffeur to have a complete understanding of the features available in each specific limousine. Work assignments are then picked up from a manager and then the limousine chauffeurs look up the best routes to take. We provide to our chauffeurs a set of internet-based directions but also require the chauffeur to carry his or her own personal, up to date, portable GPS system. Once at the pick-up location, a chauffeur caters to passengers by providing attentive customer service and paying attention to detail. They help riders into the car by holding open doors, holding umbrellas when it is raining, and loading packages and luggage into the trunk of the car. To ensure a pleasurable ride in their limousines, many chauffeurs offer conveniences and luxuries such as music, bottled water and ice, DVD/TV, etc. Some chauffeurs transport individuals with special needs, such as those with disabilities and the elderly. It is important that you assist these clients with extra care and handling when entering and exiting the limousine. The limousine chauffeur then safely drives customers to their desired locations.

Dress Code and Chauffeur Equipment

Chauffeurs are responsible for providing the appropriate dress attire and equipment required by Limousines, Inc.

  • Solid black suit
  • Solid white dress shirt
  • Black neck tie
  • Black dress shoes
  • Tuxedo shirt (optional)
  • GPS device (Garmin, TomTom, etc.)
  • Cell phone


Formal education programs are not necessary to become a limousine chauffeur or apply for a limousine chauffeur job with us. Most companies have new limousine chauffeurs complete a job training program depending upon the availability of the new limousine chauffeur and their prior experience in the industry. During this training process, a limousine chauffeur learns how to operate specialized equipment, read road maps, utilize their personal GPS system and communicate with clients. Training is unpaid and at the discretion of the management staff. Evaluation conferences will be conducted with the training staff in order to determine the readiness of a new limousine chauffeur.


A specialized license is necessary to operate a limousine. After acquiring a normal driver’s license, a limousine chauffeur applies for a chauffeur’s license, also known as a Passenger-For-Hire (PFH) Driver’s License. This license is obtained through the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) and endorsement from an employer is needed when it comes to applying for this license. The application packet can be found on the internet at www.psc.state.md.us. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires a commercial driver’s license (CDL) with a passenger (P) endorsement for chauffeurs transporting 16 or more passengers (including the chauffeur). A limousine chauffeur needs to have adequate driving practice with the limousine before driving any clientele.


The starting pay for chauffeurs at Limousines, Inc. is based on experience. We do allow our chauffeurs to obtain gratuity from our clients. Quality service is customarily acknowledged by a gratuity of 15-20%. Some services may include a minimal gratuity and others will opt to tip the chauffeur directly. Those chauffeurs with a CDL license will have the opportunity to drive our shuttle buses for a flat hourly rate of pay, also based on experience.

Advancement Opportunities

Limousine chauffeurs with Limousines, Inc. can advance in the company. Some acquire supervisory or lead positions, training new chauffeurs or receiving preferred shifts.  If you are interested, please use the Apply Online button to submit your application for a limousine chauffeur job with Limos Inc.